Rhyme Combinator’s Live Musical Preview

October 23, 2019 at 9:15 AM

Presented by Adesha Adefela (Writer and Performer, Rhyme Combinator), Ryan Nicole Peters (Writer and Performer, Rhyme Combinator), Beau Lewis (CEO, Rhyme Combinator, Inc.)

Experience Level: All Levels

Track: All



Question: What do you get when you mashup HBO’s Silicon Valley and Broadway’s Hamilton?

Answer: Rhyme Combinator

Rhyme Combinator is a Silicon Valley-based startup with a mission to champion positive entrepreneurial culture through creative media. What started as a weekly freestyle rap session back in 2016 turned into a major collaboration between music, tech and the arts – who all saw meaning in getting vulnerable and celebrating the grit of innovators and creators. Rhyme Combinator’s vision is to create an innovative live musical that rivals Broadway and this year’s conference will kick off with a live preview of their upcoming original hip hop musical.

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