Hattie Willis

Associate Partner


Hattie Willis is an Associate Partner and Head of Training at Rainmaking, working to unleash the power of entrepreneurship to build and scale new business, with startups and corporates. Hattie has deep experience in entrepreneurship education, from embedding Innovation Accelerators into organizations with 14,000+ employees, to running Top 400 training for DPHL, supporting new Venture creation for Jaguar Landrover or designing culture change programs for Lloyds Banking Group to name a few. Most recently, she designed and developed Rainmaking’s Digital Learning Platform to help companies scale the skills and mindsets used by the most successful startups across established organizations to drive and democratize innovation.

In her spare time Hattie has been testing ways to take Lean Startup skills into the Social Impact Space whether working on Impact Accelerator Programs as a coach or 1:1 with charities.

She is currently fascinated by all things relating to education, learning and cultural engineering.