Apply for Y Combinator Office Hours at Lean Startup Conference 2019

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Are you interested in starting a startup or getting feedback on a product you're currently building? Y Combinator (YC) wants to help. At this year’s Lean Startup Conference, select attendees will get the opportunity to meet with Y Combinator during their group office hours.

Y Combinator CEO and partner Michael Seibel will meet teams on October 23 starting at 1 pm. Group office hours are 45 minutes each and include up to four other teams. If you’re picked, you will be placed into a group with other people at your stage. You'll get feedback from Y Combinator, and meet and learn from other founders who are experiencing similar challenges.

Please apply by September 20. If you're selected, we'll reach out to you with your time slot and the location by the end of the day on October 4. Anyone can apply.

Important: To be considered for the office hours you need to have registered for the 2019 Lean Startup Conference. You can learn more about registering here.