Lean Startup Week 2017: Full Program

For eight years, our flagship conference has focused on sharing stories and lessons of putting Lean Startup’s entrepreneurial methodology into practice. We’ve hosted talks, workshops, and interactive sessions on the challenges and successes of modern management techniques from a wide variety of business leaders around the world. Lean Startup Week (Oct. 30 – Nov. 5 in San Francisco) allows you to experience seven days of interactive innovation training from our experts and true Lean Startup practitioners—in a city that’s known for being the hotbed of high-growth startups and iconic tech companies (not to mention a great place to eat, drink, sightsee, and shop while you’re talking shop).

This year, we’re really homing in on the feedback we’ve received not only from our past conferences, but from the smaller, more focused conferences we hosted in New York and London this year. We understand you want more opportunities to have your specific challenges answered—so we’ve created additional sessions where you can ask our experts your questions directly, including Roundtable Discussions and Live Office Hours with Eric for all attendees, along with our regularly popular sessions such as Speed Mentoring, Networking Dinners, workshops, and our Women’s Breakfast.

We’re also working very closely with all our speakers to ensure that the expert knowledge they impart is not only in line with Eric’s new book, The Startup Way, but that it also focuses on actionable takeaways. We want you to leave Lean Startup Week feeling like you understand your next steps when you’re back at your office the week after the conference and trying to put all the pieces together. Because while it’s great to feel inspired after a conference, we’re much more impactful when we leave you feeling empowered to make entrepreneurship a core function of your organization. And that kind of empowerment only comes when you have 90+ speakers and mentors offering you actionable takeaways from their time in the trenches.

We’ll help you solve for multiple pain points, including:

  • Connecting you with like-minded entrepreneurs and experts who share your challenges and concerns

  • Turning an old school-minded organization on to modern management techniques

  • Starting and scaling an innovation practice in your organization

  • Connecting Lean Startup to hiring, team-creation, organizing boards, leading engineering teams, and more

  • Ensuring your organization remains committed to innovation practices as you grow

We’ll help you with these solutions by approaching them from a variety of formats:

Highlights include:

  • A rare workshop with Eric Ries (co-led by Lean Startup Labs senior faculty member Marilyn Gorman) on enterprise transformation using the Lean Startup way on Oct. 31 (limited to the first 200 Gold Passholders.) Side Note: Eric and Marilyn will be doing a webcast as a preview to their workshop on Oct 11. Sign up for free here.

  • Justin Rosenstein, co-founder of Asana, presents a new approach to thinking about your startup’s culture from the ground up, mapping the idea of intentional culture design to the familiar tenets of product research, design, and management

  • Tim O’Reilly, founder & CEO of O’Reilly Media, discusses how to avoid getting sucked into the vortex of me-too thinking by ensuring all the parts of your business work together, a theme from his new book, WTF? What’s the Future and Why It’s Up to Us

  • Anil Dash, CEO of Fog Creek Software, on mindfully building modern companies in a more humane and ethical way

  • Zach Nies, VP of Education at Techstars & Marcus Gosling, VP of Product at Long-Term Stock Exchange, co-host Startup Office Hours, an interactive Q&A where you can ask the experts your questions on sustainably implementing Lean Startup and other likeminded methodologies into your growing business

  • Bennett Blank, Intuit’s Innovation and Transformational Change Leader, offering insights from Intuit’s Lean Startup journey

  • Vanessa Colella, Head Of Citi Ventures & Chief Innovation Officer, Citi, on how Citibank uses growth boards to provide seed funding to internal startups

  • Alex Osterwalder, co-founder of Strategyzer, on protecting your organization from disruption

  • Eric Ries & GE FastWorks Co-Founders Viv Goldstein & Janice Semper on GE’s Startup Way strategy

  • Chip Heath, best-selling author & Stanford Graduate School of Business professor, on the power of moments in creating organizational change

  • Jyoti Shukla, VP User Experience at Nordstrom, on empowering the entrepreneurial spirit in your employees

  • ING Direct’s Ignacio Juliá Vilar & Liguori Innovation’s Stephen Liguori on ING Direct’s innovative PACE program, which combines Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile methods

  • Martin Eriksson, co-founder of Mind The Product, on innovation portfolio management: how to ensure you’re investing in the right ideas

  • Bionic CEO David Kidder and Procter & Gamble CTO Kathy Fish on P&G’s innovation pathway

  • Tendayi Viki, author of The Corporate Startup and The Lean Product Lifecycle, on aligning innovation with corporate strategy

  • Laura Klein, VP Product, Business Talent Group, on innovating inside an already successful company

  • Brant Cooper, co-founder & CEO of Moves the Needle, on the 10 steps to growth transformation for enterprises adopting The Startup Way

  • Mark Graban, VP of Improvement & Innovation Services at KaiNexus, on improving overall performance by distinguishing signal from noise in data sets

  • Making diversity & inclusion an actionable, trackable metric at your company with industry thought leaders, including eBay’s Helen Kim, CodePath’s Michael Ellison, Pivotal’s Michele Perras, and Intuit’s Cassie Divine

  • Getting your “old school” company to embrace a new innovation strategy with Humana’s Geeta Wilson, GoKart Labs’s Amee Mungo, Share More Stories’ James Warren, & Clevertech’s Michael Hagler

  • Innovation, Impact & Design Thinking for social good with IDEO.org

  • Engineering your startup to innovate at scale with Randy Shoup, VP of Engineering at Stitch Fix

  • Organizational assessments to improve team performance with Carbon Five’s Courtney Hemphill and Janet Brunckhorst, based on research and experience working with hundreds of companies such as the Gap, Google, StitchFix, and Autodesk

  • Also on the team theme, using lean to create high-velocity teams with Christina Wodtke, principal at Wodtke Consulting

  • Driving accelerated growth using lean marketing techniques with Pam Webber, Chief Marketing Officer, 99designs

  • A mini-workshop on overcoming barriers to Lean Startup for social good with Ann Mei Chang, Executive Director, Lean Impact

Sounds great! So how to attend?

If you haven’t been to one of our Lean Startup Conferences, this is the year you won’t wanna miss. So get ready to take selfies with the Bay Bridge, snag a burrito in the Mission district, and step foot into some of the hottest tech companies up and down Market St. We have passes for all budgets:

Gold Pass – For those who are serious about diving deep into the Lean Startup methodology and getting hands-on experience, join us for the full seven days of innovation training at Lean Startup Week (Oct. 30 – Nov. 5). This is perfect for teams looking for their best off-site yet! Register here.

Silver Pass – For those who are tight on time but want to get highlights of what we offer, get access to the two-day main conference on Nov. 2 & 3 and a seat at our Ignite Opening Night on Nov. 1.

Bootstrapper Pass – Offers the same benefits as the Silver Pass, but brings the cost of the conference down to $350 for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend (think: fledgling solopreneurs, employees at very young startups, and small non-profits). Apply for a Bootstrapper Pass here.

Livestream – Because we’re all about community building, we invite you to host or join one of our free livestream meetups. Get details here. You get all the mainstage talks and the most popular breakouts, along with access to live Q&A and moderated chat.

Volunteer – If you’re a student, you can apply to volunteer here. Pitch in for a shift, and we’ll give you a Silver Pass.

We hope you’ll join us in San Francisco this fall!

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